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Unstuffed Cabbage Reviews

“Netflix and chill w Min dins.” -Shane from Bushwick

“Thank you Min Dins for this delicious, nutritious and easy 4 ingredient meal! Unstuffed Cabbage!!” – Pam from Solon

“It’s double Min Dins tonight! Unstuffed Cabbage and Eggplant Parmigiana. Yum ! Yum!  Check out Mindins.com for the delicious recipes.” – Rhonda and Tammy from Bexley 

“Min din madness!!!  Added some garlic and will put in some parsley from my garden :)” – Allison from Bexley

“Check out this FABULOUS new site to get simple, healthy recipes that have five ingredients and take no time to prepare. I just made the stuffed cabbage recipe (all ingredients from Trader Joe’s) and it is delicious” – Jennifer from Solon

“Yummy Unstuffed Cabbage. Thanks Esther  for the great new recipe ideas! The kids and I are loving @min_dins_ check her out on You Tube. For this one, I shredded a whole cabbage and saved some for later bc my grocery didn’t have plain shredded cabbage, and diced my own onion, with some for later use bc for some reason I have a ton of onions. I also couldn’t pass up the on-sale marinara so I added some crushed red pepper flakes to quickly mimic arrabiata sauce. I may have oversauced this, but so fun to cook along in real time with my friend.” – Jaimi from UA

“Just made my friend Esther’s unstuffed cabbage recipe, it was quick and delicious! I can’t wait for the next one. For recipes and cooking instructions go to Mindins.com Thanks Esther !” – Tamara from Flowermound

“I can pull it out of freezer in the morning and it will be almost thawed by lunch and I can just do a quick microwave at work in a pinch while on my diet ” – Marianne from Galena

“Making mindins, which my husband loved – he had 3 helpings!” – Jessica from German Village

“This is great… got ingredients to make tonight … perfect for my diabetic husband !! Love easy new recipes .. Please keep posting!! Just made.. added a few extra ingredients .. hot pepper flakes my husband likes spicy food and sliced green and kalamata olives!! Delicious!!!” – Carrie from Solon

“This was so easy and so delicious. My son and his friend gobbled it up. I don’t like spicy so I used my favorite sauce that was milder. So healthy and filling!” – Rhonda from Bexley

“Thanks Esther  for the great quick dinner idea. Made the unstuffed cabbage with vegan meat crumbles. Delicious!” – Tammy from Columbus

“Cooking for my diabetic boyfriend can be a challenge. Thank you Min Din’s for making it a whole lot easier!” – Debbie from Columbus

This was so good and so easy to make!!! Thank you Esther Weisman !! I always have a hard time finding easy good recipes that are healthy and this was perfect. Can’t wait for Thursday for the next one❤️

Posted by Quincie Glimcher on Monday, July 16, 2018

“This was so good and so easy to make!!! Thank you Esther !! I always have a hard time finding easy good recipes that are healthy and this was perfect. Can’t wait for Thursday for the next one❤” – Quincy from Chicago

Chicken Sausage over Carrot Pasta Reviews

Thank you Katie from Bexley for this beautiful photo!  Katie substituted the carrot noodles for zucchini – boy does this look delicious!!!

“Thank you Esther and this gorgeous mindin! I made the one dish chicken sausage but substituted with turkey balls my family prefers! It’s great both ways!! I’m a big fan.” – Terri from Palm Beach

“Repeat dinner from Min Dins! Going out of town tomorrow I need to pack and want to enjoy some downtime with the family so I went to the min dins site and made the chick sausage and peppers with carrot noodles meal again. Thanks min dins” Tamara from Flowermound

One Pot Eggplant Parmesan  Reviews

“OMG! Made the Eggplant Parmesan tonight. It’s the real deal. Served it with a chopped salad I made while the meal simmered. Delicious. Everyone loved it!” – Tammy from Columbus

“Looks great!!!! xoxoxoxo” – Katie from Bexley

Avocado Fish Tacos Reviews

“Just made another recipe from my friend Esther’s YouTube Min Dins! These are avocado fish tacos, yum check it out”-Tamara from Flowermound

Just made the fish tacos and it was a BIG hit!!!” – Dalia from Bexley

“Esther, we tried it out tonight! Delish! Thanks for sharing! Super easy and super yummy!  I need to try out more of these with our busy lifestyle!” – Stephanie from German Village
( No Pic with this one but thank you for the lovely review.)
“Made the mahi maki tacos tonight….delicious…. so yummy!!! Thank you :)”-Lisa from Bexley
Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms Review
“Another winner! Just made the Easy Portobello Stuffed Mushrooms for a quick, late dinner tonight. Put a vegan spin on it by subbing Trader Joe’s Vegan Mozzarella Style Shreds in place of the shredded cheese. Delicious! Check outMinDins.com for this and other yummy, easy recipes! ” Tammy from Columbus
Chicken Fried Rice Reviews
“Dinner is ready in a flash again, thanks to Min Dins! Chicken Fried Rice yummmmmm”- Tamara from Flowermound
“So incredibly easy and delicious. Only 3 ingredients and I have to keep a secret. My husband thinks he ate fried rice. He never in a million years would of ever ate cauliflower and an egg in it. I love how good it was that he thought it was fried rice. Do not tell him or he will never eat it again!!!” -Rhonda from Bexley
Sometimes a picture, in this case a video paints a thousand words.  I couldn’t think of a better testimonial than one sent in from Kim in Bexley.  Kim made the Chicken Fried Rice for her family, and well watch and see, it is finger lickin’ good.
“Min Dins you’ve done it again! You’ve created an easy and tasty recipe that I just prepared in minutes! I made the Chicken Fried Rice with Quorn meat-free chicken strips which further cut down the prep time. It really is delicious! “-Tammy from Columbus
Cauliflower Gnocchi Reviews
This beautiful version is made without the Turkey Summer Sausage thanks to -Katie from Bexley
“Been dreaming all day about making MinDins.comQuick and Easy Cauliflower Gnocchi for dinner tonight. I made a meatless version with all ingredients purchased at Trader Joe. It took about 10 minutes to prepare and I’m now sitting down to a delicious dinner with a glass of wine!
Thanks Esther Weisman and MinDins.com”- Tammy from Columbus
Pesto Chicken With Artichokes and Peppers
Thank you -Kandi from New Albany for this beautiful photo.
Stuffed Pepper Reviews
“Tonight we enjoyed the latest Min Din-Stuffed Peppers. I made it with Gardein Brand beefless ground for a super low-fat vegan version. As delicious as it looks!  Check out MinDins.com for this and other super easy recipes.” -Tammy from Columbus
“Just made your stuffed pepper recipe…added parm cheese and baked for 5 extra mins. Delish….Thanks!!!!”-Lisa from New Albany
Fall Sausage Medley Reviews
Minced Chicken in Lettuce Reviews
“Delicious” -Tammy from Columbus
(No pic sent with this one, but a nice review none the less)
“Made the chicken lettuce wraps… added mushrooms and orange pepper and they were fast and so tasty! Great idea for a healthy dinner! Brian loved them too! Thanks! Keep me coming!” Elyse from Oak Park
“Delicious and the boys LOVED!!!”- Katie from Bexley
“So excited! Min Din day 1 a success. Larry approved.”-Kandi from New Albany
“Hi Esther !! Just made Your minced chicken lettuce wraps. Added onions mushrooms and carrots and some hot pepper flakes and paired it with cauliflower fried rice!!! Soo good !! Another low carb delicious meal Thx!!”- Carrie from Solon