Broccoli Cheddar Soup

It's holiday time and one of the most beloved appetizers is the oh so popular charcuterie board, but what do you do with all of the leftovers?  It is a shame to let good food go to waste!! Have no fear Min Din's got you covered with a super simple soup you can make in 10 minutes.  I have cut out steps that cost you time, but don't compromise the flavor.  What's so great about this recipe is by substituting some of the items, you can come up with so many different soup options.  For example, take out the broccoli, add a bag of cubed potato's, scallions, and bacon bits, you get a loaded baked potato soup.   Start with the basic stock and add chicken and rice and you have cream of chicken and rice. I think you see where I am going with this.  I hope you enjoy, keep me posted on how you like it. 
Cook Time10 mins
Total Time10 mins
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Author: Esther


  • 4 T salted butter
  • 4 T gluten free flour
  • 2 C vegetable broth
  • 2 C half and half
  • 2 T heavy cream
  • 1 C finely minced carrots
  • 1 bag broccoli florets defrosted
  • 1 shallot minced fine
  • 8 ounces good quality cheddar cheese chopped


  • In a large pot melt 4T butter and whisk in the flour as soon as they are blended add in the broth, cream, and half and half ( cream is optional but will add to the richness) 
    Place the shallot in a chopper to mince super fine, do the same with the carrots, and add both to the pot,
    Add the bag of broccoli and cut up the cheese as well and add to the pot. Season generously with paprika, salt and pepper. You are saving lots of time by not having to sauté the veggies first, and by using the frozen broccoli it is softer faster. 



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It’s been awhile since I made a new post!!! It feels good to be back and I must thank you my loyal followers who encouraged me to start posting again.  This soup has all the old flavors with a new twist. The sauerkraut  brings back memories of my fathers stuffed pepper and adds a wonderful dimension to the flavor.  
Prep Time6 mins
Course: Main Course
Servings: 8
Calories: 204kcal


  • 32 ounces creamy roasted red pepper/tomato soup
  • 32 ounces vegetable soup
  • 16 ounces lean ground beef/ or substitute if you want to make vegan
  • 3 green peppers
  • 14 ounces sauerkraut
  • bay leaves


  • 1) Set crock pot to high heat and add both cartons of soup.
    2) Place ground beef in fry pan and cook through.
    3) Transfer beef to crockpot
    (drain if needed).
    4) Dice the peppers into bite size pieces and add to crockpot.
    5) Season generously with salt and pepper to taste ( I love pink sea salt) and top with about 5 or 6 dry bay leaves.
    6) Cook on H for 5-6 hours till peppers are very tender. Add the defrosted bag of cauliflower rice and drained sauerkraut last hour of cooking.

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Pizza Dogs

Calling all keto lovers!!! Here is one you will love, kids will love, and your waist line will really love.  This low calorie, low carb pizza tasting meal is a treat that is so easy to make it is a shame not to serve it up once a week.  At 78 calories, and under a dollar a serving you really can’t go wrong with this one.

Ingredients serves 6 Cost
1 1 pack of Hebrew national low fat nitrate free hot dogs $3.99
2 1 c spaghetti sauce $1.00*
3  3/4c shredded almond cheese $1.00*
  Total   $5.99 ( $0.99per serving)
* Price reflects amount used in recipe ingredients


Nutrition Per Serving
Calories 78
Carbs 4.3g
Fats 2.3g
Protein 8.8g
Sugar 0.7g
Fiber 0.8g
Source: MyFitnessPal



Step 1:  Slice all of the hot dogs in half length wise and line a cast iron skillet with them covering the whole bottom of the skillet.

Step 2:  Once they are browned flip over so that the open end is facing up. Pour the sauce on top, and top with the melted cheese. Cover and serve once the cheese is all melted.

Step 3:  Enjoy!






Turkey Shepherd’s Pie Using Thanksgiving Leftovers

This recipe uses up pretty much most of your traditional thanksgiving leftovers. It is super easy to prepare as well as clean up , and can  be enjoyed year round. Since this recipe will give you about 9 servings, it is still  low calorie, considering all the yummy goodness you put in it.

Ingredients serves 9 Cost
1 12 oz.  prepared turkey breast $5.49
2 1/2c turkey gravy $1.39*
3  3T cranberry sauce $0.73*
4 1 c corn kernels $1.00*
5 2c mashed potatoes $2.99
  Total   $11.60 ( $1.28 per serving)
* Price reflects amount used in recipe ingredients


Nutrition Per Serving
Calories 135
Carbs 15.6g
Fats 3.9g
Protein 8.7g
Sugar 2.6g
Fiber 1.4g
Source: MyFitnessPal



Step 1:  Take the turkey breast and pulsate in a ninja.  Do this till you shred all of the meat.

Step 2:  Place the meat in a bowl as it is shredded and once all of the meat is shredded mix it with the gravy and the cranberry sauce.

Step 3:  Spray a deep skillet with a little bit of olive oil spray and set to m/h. Cover the bottom of the skillet with the meat mixture spread so the whole bottom of the pan is covered.

Step 4:  Put the corn on top of the meat mixture , making sure it is even over all of the meat. Next top with all of the mashed potatoes, spreading the potatoes out to cover all.  Place a lid on the skillet and heat until everything is piping hot, about 5 minutes.

Step 5:  Enjoy!





Turkey Tacos

Here is a two for one recipe for you!  You can either make this recipe as a taco, or turn it into a taco salad!  Both will have the same amount of calories as you are using the same ingredients, and the best part of all is that there is no cooking involved.


Ingredients serves 1 Cost
1 1 taco shell $0.33*
2 1T fresh garden salsa $0.39*
3  1T prepared guacamole $0.29*
4 1 ounce shredded fresh turkey breast $1.00*
5 shredded lettuce $0.50*
  Total $2.51 per serving


* Price reflects amount used in recipe ingredients sourced from Trader Joe’s


Nutrition Per Serving
Calories 145
Carbs 10g
Fats 6g
Protein 9.1g
Sugar 1.5g
Fiber 1.3g
Source: MyFitnessPal

*Ingredients found at Trader Joe’s


Step 1:  Take one once of prepared turkey breast and place in a ninja, pulsate till turkey is ground up fine.

Step 2:  Remove the blade from the ninja , and in the canister stir in 1T of garden chunky salsa

Step 3:  Place the turkey and salsa into a taco shell, and top with 1T guacamole, and shredded lettuce.

Step 4:  If you choose to make a salad, place shredded lettuce in a bowl and top with all of the above ingredients.  Take a broken taco shell and sprinkle on top of salad. ( if there are no broken shells in box, you can crumble one up, or omit all together saving calories, and carbs.

Step 5:  Enjoy!





Turkey Tetrazzini

Most grocery stores offer delicious oven roasted turkey breast year round.  I don’t mean the deli thin sliced kind, I’m talking good old fashion thanksgiving turkey, that they slice off hunks of yummy turkey breast.  This recipe uses that delicious turkey breast, or if it happens to be thanksgiving and you are looking for a way to use up leftovers, this recipe is just one of many we offer.  Why not enjoy it year round ?  Swapping out the noodles, doesn’t effect the taste only, the calories, in this updated version of turkey tetrazzini.


Ingredients serves 4 Cost
1 12 oz  cooked turkey breast $3.99
2 package fresh butternut squash spirels $2.99
3 1 package of steak cut mushrooms $1.99
4 2 cans healthy choice cream of chicken soup $ 2.98
5 6T gourmet fried onion rings $0.79*
  Total $12.74 ( $3.18 per serving)


* Price reflects amount used in recipe ingredients sourced from Trader Joe’s


Nutrition Per Bowl
Calories 221
Carbs 14.1g
Fats 4.9
Protein 27.3g
Sugar 1.8g
Fiber 0.7g
Source: MyFitnessPal

*Ingredients found at Trader Joe’s


Step 1:  Spray a non stick skillet over m/h heat with olive oil spray, add your butternut squash spirals.

Step 2:  While spirals are getting soft, cut your turkey into nice long thin strips.

Step 3:  Add the turkey strips to the spirals, along with the full package of washed steak mushrooms.

Step 4:  Spoon in the two cans of soup ( do not add water) stir all up and cover with a lid till everything is cooked.  When  noodles are soft ( about 5 minutes) sprinkle with the crunchy onion pieces give a final stir.

Step 5:  Enjoy!





Crock Pot Lasagna

Did you know that you can make lasagna without pre cooking the noodles?  Well you can, and while you’re at it you can do it all in a crockpot!  These tips will save you not only cooking time but clean up time as well.  This is one of those very versatile recipes that you can make your own. You can use so many different types of lasagna noodles, as well as different veggies of your choice.  Another perfect idea for a pot luck or when you are feeding a crowd.  Cooking for one? No problem, this is a great way to meal prep.

Ingredients serves 10 Cost
1 9 lasagna noodles $1.39*
2 container ricotta cheese $1.99
3  container cottage cheese $1.99
4 2 jars spaghetti sauce ( you will have some left over $ 3.98
5 1/2 c Shredded mozzerela cheese (parm cheese and spinach optionsal )  


  Total $10.84( $1.84per serving)


* Price reflects amount used in recipe ingredients sourced from Trader Joe’s


Nutrition Per Bowl
Calories 155
Carbs 20.1g
Fats 4.6g
Protein 9.2g
Sugar 3.7g
Fiber 1.9g
Source: MyFitnessPal

*Ingredients found at Trader Joe’s


Step 1:  Spray a crock pot with non stick spray, and line the bottom with uncooked lasagna noodles.

Step 2:   Mix the ricotta cheese and cottage cheese ,( parmesan cheese optional the calorie count here does include it)

Step 3:  Use half of the cheese to top the bottom layers of noodles, and now add spinach ( optional) and top with 1/2 jar of sauce.  Repeat another layer of noodles, cheese, spinach sauce , and end with a layer of noodles.

Step 4:  Pour all of the remaining sauce on top of the final noodle layer and sprinkle with a 1/2 c of shredded mozzarella cheese.  Cook on high for 2-3 hours, or low 4-6 hours.

Step 5:  Enjoy!





Crockpot Enchilada

Want the perfect crowd pleaser for under $1 a serving?  How about whipping up a batch of these super easy crock pot enchiladas?  Serves 10 , with no fuss and hardly any clean up.  This is also a great dish to bring to a pot luck, it will be the fan favorite. It’s our little secret just how easy it is.

Ingredients serves 10 Cost
1 4 extra large flour tortillas (Trader Joe’s) $0.75*
2 2.5C lite shredded 3 cheese blend ( Trader Joe’s) $2.29*
3  3/4 c diced yellow onion $0.98*
4 2 cans organic refried pinto beans with salsa ( Trader Joe’s) $3.98
5 1 1/2 C Trader Joe’s enchilada sauce $1.29*
  Total $9.29( $0.93 per serving)


* Price reflects amount used in recipe ingredients sourced from Trader Joe’s


Nutrition Per Serving
Calories 297
Carbs 37.5g
Fats 7.6g
Protein 16.9g
Sugar 3.5g
Fiber 4.4g
Source: MyFitnessPal

*Ingredients found at Trader Joe’s


Step 1:  Spray a crock pot  set on high, with some olive oil spray.

Step 2:  Place one of the tortillas on the bottom of the crock pot, and start layering your ingredients, starting with a half of the can of beans.

Step 3:  Sprinkle with some of the onions, cheese blend, and then some sauce.

Step 4:  You want to finish with a tortilla on top that you add cheese and sauce too. Cook on high for about 2 hours.

Step 5:  Enjoy!





Crockpot Unstuffed Cabbage

Whenever I need to get my diet back on track I turn to cabbage, since it is such a filling low carb meal.  The very first Min Din I posted was unstuffed cabbage.  It was a huge success, that I came up with a different, yet just as tasty crock pot version.  This recipe is a combination of my recipe, and my fathers amazing recipe all rolled into one.

Ingredients serves 6 Cost
1 1 lb. very lean ground beef $5.49
2 1 bag of shredded cabbage $1.99
3  1/2 bottle of ketchup $1.24*
4 1 cup sauerkraut $ 1.22*
5 1/4 C water
  Total $9.94( $1.65 per serving)


* Price reflects amount used in recipe ingredients sourced from Trader Joe’s


Nutrition Per Serving
Calories 132
Carbs 8.9g
Fats 3g
Protein 16.8g
Sugar 7.2g
Fiber 3.4g
Source: MyFitnessPal

*Ingredients found at Trader Joe’s


Step 1:  Spray a cast iron skillet over m/h heat with olive oil spray. Place the ground beef in the pan, and break it up using your handy, dandy chopping tool.

Step 2:  When the beef is 90 percent cooked transfer it to a crock pot, no need to drain, or cook all the way through as it will finish cooking in the crock pot.

Step 3:  Add the remaining ingredients.  You can add more water as needed but start with the 1/4 c.  Cook for 3hours on high, or 6 hours on low.

Step 4:  Enjoy!







Looking for a quick and easy Jambalaya?  Look no further.  This yummy and did I mention quick Jambalaya, will leave you reaching for a second helping. At only 189 calories a serving, go for it.

Ingredients serves 4 Cost
1 1 piece of tilapia $1.99
2 2T  fresh cilantro $0.25
3  4   apple chicken sausages cut up $2.99
4 1 bag frozen riced cauliflower, butternut squash risotto $ 2.49
  Total $7.72( $1.93 per serving)