Salmon With Mango Sauce

Ingredients serves 4 Cost
1 1 package salmon $20.00
2 8 T  anba  mango sauce Trader Joe’s $0.82*
3  2 C arugula $1.00*
4 mango slices $0.72*
5 8 T balsamic dressing fat free $1.00
  Total $23.79 ($5.89 per serving)

* Price reflects amount used in recipe ingredients sourced from Trader Joe’s


Nutrition Per Serving
Calories 272
Carbs 23.4g
Fats 9.5g
Protein 23.1g
Sugar 19.2g
Fiber 1.8g
Source: MyFitnessPal

*Ingredients found at Trader Joe’s


Step 1:  Spray a fry pan with a little bit of olive oil spray.  Add your salmon to fry pan and cover with a lid.  ( Set temp to m/h)

Step 2:  Pour the mango sauce on top and cover again to cook through.

Step 3:  While salmon is cooking, place some arugula on a plate, and slice up your mango.  Put a few slices of fresh mango on your arugula.

Step 4:   Place 4 ounces of salmon on each plate you can either put it next to the arugula or on top. Drizzle both with balsamic dressing.

Step 5:  Enjoy!

Easy Rigatoni Recipe

This recipe is an oldie but a goodie!!  How old? Well that I can’t tell you since it dates back to my college days at The Ohio State University.  ( O-H)  I don’t make it that often anymore, but when Giant Eagle sent me a gift basket filled with  beautiful rigatoni, I knew it was time to pull this recipe out of retirement.

It will feed 8 so make it when you have a good hungry crowd coming over for dinner, also great for a pot luck since it can be transferred well.  Just as delicious the next day.  Watching your carbs?  No problem you can substitute the rigatoni with zoodles and have a very healthy, quick and easy meal.

Ingredients serves 8 Cost
1 1 box rigatoni $1.39
2 1 lb ground beef $4.49
3  1 jar pasta sauce $3.68
4 1 green pepper $0.72
  Total $10.28($1.28 per serving)


Nutrition Per Serving
Calories 264
Carbs 39.9g
Fats 3.8g
Protein 18.8g
Sugar 4.4g
Fiber 3.3g
Source: MyFitnessPal

*Ingredients found at Trader Joe’s


Step 1:   In a large pot of boiling water, ( I also add a T of olive oil and salt) place full box of rigatoni.  Boil till al’dente.  While your noodles are boiling chop your green pepper into large pieces.  Discard stem and center seeds.

Step 2:   When noodles are done, drain and keep in colander, so that you can brown your beef and green pepper in the same pot.  ( Less mess for you !! Yay)

Step 3:   When meat is cooked through, add all the noodles to the pot.

Step 4:  Pour  the whole jar of pasta sauce over all, and also add 1/2 to 1 c water depending on how thick sauce is.  Heat on medium heat till evertyhing is hot.

Step 5:  Enjoy!